cPanel / WHM :: Installing ApacheBooster

:: How to install ApacheBooster on cPanel / WHM server

  :: Checking ApacheBooster on cPanel / WHM Home


cPanel :: Installing NGINXCP

:: How to install nginxcp on cPanel / WHM server

  :: Checking NGINXCP on cPanel/WHM You will see


PHP:: enable pcntl extension from source

:: Compile pcntl extension

:: Configure pcntl extension on php.ini

:: Checking pcntl module

:: Applying pcntl


:: CentOS: Apache2 worker MPM, FCGI, APC

:: Installing Apache2, FCGI, APC

  :: Enable worker MPM on Apache2

  :: Disable mod_php on Apache2


:: NGINX: [emerg] directive "rewrite" is not terminated by ";"

:: Error when reload / restart nginx

in line 15 use { and } characters in the regular expressions