MariaDB TCMalloc Ubuntu Performance Optimization

How to Enable TCMalloc in MariaDB on Ubuntu

MariaDB, a popular open-source database, can achieve significant performance improvements by utilizing TCMalloc, a memory allocator optimized for multi-threading. Enabling TCMalloc...
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cPanel :: MySQL server is currently offline

:: How to fix if you got “MySQL server is currently offline” in cPanel just change mysql root password via WHM:...
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:: Install DBMail Administrator on CentOS

:: What is DBMA DBMail is an open source, Unix IMAP/POP3 mail storage and retrieval system which together with an MTA (Mail...
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:: Install MySQL 5.5 from source

:: What is MySQL MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that runs as a server providing multi-user access to a...
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:: drop all tables in mysql db

:: how to drop all tables in mysql db $ mysqldump -u -p --add-drop-table --no-data | grep ^DROP | mysql...
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Repair db / table mysql on centos

|| what is mysql please take a look this.. || how to repair db mysql on linux centos # /etc/init.d/mysqld stop...
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Install phpmyadmin on linux

|| what is phpmyadmin please take a look this || how to install phpmyadmin on linux | download phpmyadmin package #...
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