Optimized images on a website using NGINX and WebP Server Go.

NGINX Auto WebP and Avif using WebP Server Go

In today’s digital era, image optimization is paramount for improving website speed and user experience. One of the most efficient ways...
1 min read
Installing NGINX with HTTP3/QUIC on Ubuntu 22.04.

Ubuntu 22.04 How to install NGINX HTTP3/QUIC

What’s NGINX NGINX is a high-performance web server known for its efficiency, stability, and rich feature set. It’s designed to handle...
2 min read
Hiding PHP-FPM version on NGINX server

Hide PHP-FPM Version on NGINX

Check PHP-FPM version on NGINX HTTP response How to hide PHP-FPM Version (X-Powered-By:) on NGINX Restart php5-fpm service Check the result
16 sec read
Hiding server info response on NGINX

Hide Server Info Response on NGINX

How to hide Server: Response info on NGINX To hide Server: on HTTP Response, you need install nginx-extras instead nginx/nginx-core Install...
26 sec read
Blocking or banning IP addresses with NGINX

Block or ban ip with NGINX

How to block ip with NGINX 0. define block ip on nginx.conf that will blocked ip by clientip on access.log, if...
23 sec read

Redirect www and non-www http to non-www https on NGINX

How to set up redirect www and non-www http to non-www https o nginx config file vim /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/blackonsole.conf # http server...
16 sec read

Fix AWStats on WHM/cPanel with NGINX

What is AWStats AWStats is short for Advanced Web Statistics. AWStats is powerful log analyzer which creates advanced web, ftp, mail and streaming server statistics reports ...
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