chown :: Change User / Group Only

:: How to change user owner only using chown chown myuser: hello.txt hello/   :: How to change group owner only...
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Linux :: Compiling MP4Box

:: How to compile MP4Box in Linux + download wget // wget // + extract and compiling tar -xzf gpac-0.5.0.tar.gz tar...
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WordPress :: Using OS cron job

:: How to change wp cron to os cron job + add cron job on os cron crontab -e # add...
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:: WP MU :: Slow After Upgrade

:: How to fix WordPress MU slowly after upgrade try to upgrade database table for wordpress using this url: //domainname.tld/wp-admin/upgrade.php  ...
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:: Sudo without password

:: How to setup sudo without password prompt visudo add this line for setup sudoer without password your_username ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL...
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:: phpMyAdmin : Enabe / Disable Root Login

:: How to enable root login in phpMyAdmin vi on /* Authentication type */ add this line: $cfg = TRUE;...
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:: Cron: Auto restart daemon if it down

:: How to create script for auto restart daemon if it down + create auto restart daemon script (nginx) cat >...
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