Enabling IPv6 in Docker Settings.

Enable IPv6 in Docker container and compose

What’s Docker Docker stands as a groundbreaking containerization platform that has dramatically streamlined the lifecycle of developing, deploying, and managing applications....
2 min read
Step-by-Step NextCloud Installation on Ubuntu 22.04.

How to install NextCloud in Ubuntu 22.04

What’s NextCloud Nextcloud is an open-source software suite that offers a secure, self-hosted alternative to popular cloud storage and productivity platforms....
8 min read
How to reset root password.

Reset root password on CentOS 7

Edit boot menu on-the-go 0. reboot the CentOS 7 and press ESC when GRUB menu show up on the screen and...
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Freeing ext4 reserved blocks with tune2fs in Linux

Free ext4 reserved blocks with tune2fs

Check disk usage Check size of Reserved block count Change Reserved block count to 0% Check disk usage
18 sec read

Send Xymon/Hobbit Alerts to Slack Channel

How to sent xymon/hobbit alerts to slack channel 0. create bash script to push xymon/hobbit alerts to slack vim /etc/xymon/scripts/ #!/bin/bash...
22 sec read

KVM/Archipel enable ttyconsole on guest vm with virsh

Debian Jessie Guest VM + Enable and start serial console systemctl enable [email protected] systemctl start [email protected] + Check status systemctl list-units...
24 sec read

Fix courier imapd.pem error PEM routines no start line

Error courier imapd.pem file tailf /var/log/mail.log imapd-ssl: couriertls: /etc/courier/imapd.pem: error:0906D06C:PEM routines:PEM_read_bio:no start line How to fix vim /etc/courier/imapd-ssl Make sure dhparams.pem...
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