What is Archipel

Archipel is a solution to manage and supervise virtual machines. No matter if you have a few locally on your computer or thousands through data centers, Archipel is a central solution to manage them all.

How To Install Archipel on Ubuntu

0. Set hostname

1. install dependencies

2. Config eJabberd

Setting ejabberd some like this:

Then restarting eJabberd

3. Install Archipel Agent

This agent can install in all hypervisor server

4. Register user admin in ejabberd and archipel

5. Config Archipel-Agent

Config some like this:

Restarting Archipel

6. Add iso files to Archipel

7. Install Archipel Client

This can install in local or where you will access the Archipel

Play with Archipel Client

Open //localhost:8000 in web browser.
0. Log in with admin@ user in installation
1. Add contact and then add icloud@icloud.blackonsole.org
2. Create VM in Archipel VMs
3. Configure hdd, cdrom, Nic for VM
4. Run the VM


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