|| what is icinga web

Icinga Web is an online portal to view Icinga monitoring results and send commands to the Icinga Core. Host and service status, history, notifications and status maps are available to keep a check on the health of your network in real-time. :: icinga web

|| Required
you must have a running MySQL and PHP (with PEAR and CLI) environment and Icinga, Icinga-API and IDOUtils are running as well.

|| how to install icinga-web on Linux Debian
| installing php5 on debian 6.0

| edit php.ini for memory_limit

| downloading icinga-web packages

| compiling / build icinga web from source

| create database for icinga-web

| initialize icinga-web db

| configure xml database icinga web

check on database name, username and password, like:

| configure xml for icinga-core

checking on database connection, database name, username anda password, like:

| configure module.xml for db connection

add these line before </module> :

| clear cache icingan web

| reload mod_rewrite on httpd / apache

|| restarting httpd / apache

|| testing icingan web
open your browser and goto:

|| link
| google
| icinga-web