:: What is NicTool
NicTool is a free DNS management suite that takes all the headaches out of managing DNS. It includes an attractive web interface for users, admins, and clients to access and update their DNS zone data as well as a rich API for provisioning systems to interact with. All zone data is stored in MySQL and is extracted by export scripts to the DNS server of choice (tinydns, BIND, PowerDNS). :: nictool.com
:: Installing Dependency
+ Installing Apache and mod_perl

+ Enable mod_pel on apache2

+ Installing perl modules

+ Installing DNS Server (BIND / TinyDNS)
:: Download Nictool
Register and download Nictool Package on //www.nictool.com/download/
:: Extracting Nictool

:: Installing NicTool Client
+ Compiling NicTool Client

+ Moving to our DocumentRoot

+ Configure nictoolclient.conf



:: Installing Nictool Server
+ Compiling

+ Move to our DocumentRoot

+ Configure VirtualHost on Apache

You can use different port number.

+ Setup MySQL Databases

+ Configure nictoolserver.conf

+ Testing Installation

+ Restarting Apache2


:: Login on NicTool

:: Links
+ Google
+ NicToolServer
+ LinuxPower
+ Adityo