:: installing mybb on linux

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:: downloading mybb package

# wget //www.mybb.com/download/latest

:: setup mybb package

# unzip latest
# mv Upload/* /var/www
# cd /var/www/
# mv inc/config.default.php inc/config.php
# chmod 666 inc/config.php inc/settings.php inc/languages/english/*.php inc/languages/english/admin/*.php
# chmod 777 cache/ cache/themes/ uploads/avatars/ uploads/ admin/backups/ inc/languages

:: setup mysql db for mybb

mysql> create database mybb;
mysql> grant all privileges on mybb.* to mybb@localhost identified by 'mybbpass';
mysql> flush privileges;

:: installing mybb on web browser
open your browser and installing mybb:


and following instruction on the browser.

:: after installation
remove install folder or create file lock on install directory.

# cd /var/www/
# rm -rf install


# cd /var/www/install/
# touch lock

:: link
+ google
+ mybb

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