KVM/Archipel enable ttyconsole on guest vm with virsh

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Debian Jessie Guest VM

+ Enable and start serial console

systemctl enable [email protected]
systemctl start [email protected]

+ Check status

systemctl list-units | grep getty@

you’ll see like this:

[email protected]                                                                  loaded active running   Getty on tty1
[email protected]                                                          loaded active running   Serial Getty on ttyS0

Host server

+ Shutdown the guest vm

virsh shutdown vm-name

+ Enable serial tty console on guest vm

virsh edit vm-name

Add the config after </interface> section, like this:



+ define the config file

virsh define /path/to/vm-name.xml

+ Start the vm with tty console

virsh start vm-name

Access KVM Guest VM via virsh tty console

virsh console vm-name

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