Linux :: Create Swap File

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:: What is swap in linux
Swap in linux is used when the amount of physical memory (RAM) is full. If the system needs more memory resources and the RAM is full, inactive pages in memory are moved to the swap space.

:: How to create swap file in Linux
+ Create file (1GB) for add swap

dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile bs=1024 count=1048576

+ Make swap file

mkswap /swapfile

+ Change owner and permission

chown root.root /swapfile
chmod 0600 /swapfile

+ Enable swap file

swapon /swapfile

+ Checking

free -m

+ configure /etc/fstab to save configuration permanently

vi /etc/fstab
# add swap file configuration like this:
/swapfile swap swap defaults 0 0 

:: Link
+ Google
+ Cyberciti

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