:: Linux : socks proxy via ssh

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:: How to connection socks proxy via ssh
+ setup proxy connection

ssh -D 8080 [email protected]

8080 = local proxy port
username = your ssh username = your ip address server

+ enable socks proxy connection in firefox

Edit - Preferences - Advanced - Network - Connection - Settings - Manual Proxy Configuration:
SOCKS host:
Port: 8080
enable SOCKS v5

:: Testing SOCKS Proxy
Open your browser and checking your ip connection using whatismyip.com or other ip checker.

:: Links
+ Google
+ VPSLinks

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One Reply to “:: Linux : socks proxy via ssh”

  1. another relevant solution here is tsocks.

    this small library designed to handle SOCKS5 communication transparently for softwares can’t do so.

    after you estabish the socks tunnel by ssh, start tsocks:
    tsocks wget //…
    tsocks will translate wget’s connect() syscalls making it socks-compatible 🙂

    (not sure if wget be already socks-able…)

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