How to reset root password.

Reset root password on CentOS 7

Edit boot menu on-the-go 0. reboot the CentOS 7 and press ESC when GRUB menu show up on the screen and...
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CentOS :: Simple Pound Load Balancer

:: Whatis Pound Pound Load Balancer – HTTP/HTTPS reverse-proxy and load-balancer   :: How to install Pound Load Balancer yum -y...
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CentOS :: Setting User Can Access FTP Only

:: What’s this FTP is a standard network protocol used to transfer files from one host to another host over a...
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CentOS :: Increase tmpfs / shm size

:: What’s tmpfs tmpfs is a common name for a temporary file storage facility on many Unix-like operating systems.   ::...
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Postfix :: Relay Email to Google Apps / Gmail

:: What’s Postfix Postfix is free and open source mail transfer agent.   :: How to setup Postfix relay email to...
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CentOS :: Setting Varnish, Nginx for WordPress

:: How to setting Varnish and Nginx for WordPress cms in Linux CentOS + Enable Varnish and Nginx repository rpm --nosignature...
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CentOS 6.3 :: Setup VNC Server

:: What is vnc VNC is a graphical desktop sharing system that uses the remote framebuffer protocol to remotely control another...
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