Setting Wifi HotSpot using HostAPd

Checking Wifi

:: Check Wifi AP Support

make sure you see “AP” in Support interface:


Install HostAPd

:: Installing HostAPd to provide hostspot via Wifi

:: Setting Hotspot in HostAPd

Add the configuration like these:

:: Setting HostAPd in daemon

add or changed in this line:

:: Starting HostAPd


Setup DHCP Server

:: Installing ISC DHCP server

:: Setting ISC DHCP Server

commented in these lines:

and add or append dhcp ip like these:

:: Starting ISC DHCP Server


Set Wifi IP and Firewall

:: Setup IP for Wifi device

:: Setting POSTROUTING in iptables

change eth0 with your active internet connection, like ppp0 for usb modem connection.


:: Links
+ Google
+ Dashohoxha